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Beginners' Guide to Powder Coating

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What's the advantages of powder coating over wet painting?

1)Environmental Friendly. Unlike liquid painting, powders are non-toxic and don't emit dangerous volatile organic compounds, especially suitable for decorating home or office furniture.

2) Extremely Durable. Over the years, your powder-coated metal will not blister, peel, rust, or crack, and retain its beauty, widely for finishing of fence, railing, etc 

3) Cost-saving. Each coating creates overspray, unlike liquid painting causing lots of wastes, the oversprayed powders can be recycled for further use that will saves great cost in long term. 

What's the theory of electrostatic powder coating? 

Electrostatic powder coating works through a spray gun electrically charging atomised particles. Powders are pneumatically delivered to the spray gun and get charged as they exit the spray nozzle, this causes them to repel each other and spread themselves evenly. The object being coated is charged oppositely, or grounded. This means that the powder material is attracted to the object, giving a quick and even coverage to the surface, as well as reduce the amount of overspray. 

What's the complete process of powder coating? and what equipment is required?

A powder spray gun applies electrically charged powder to grounded parts. this process is acted in a powder coating booth that collects overspray for recyling The coated parts are then placed in a powder curing oven, where the coating chemically reacts with heat to form long molecular cains with high cross-link density, making it tougher and more durable、

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