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  • Choose the right powder paint booth, please remember the below points. 1. Always buy a system large enough to coat per you need 2. Don’t cut corners on your coating booth 3. Always use a professional powder coating gun for most efficient work Before deciding on your new equipment, ask yourself these questions: 1. How large is the largest part I will powder coat? 2. How many parts do I need to coat per day? 3. How many colors will I be spraying? 4. How much space do I have for the new machinery?


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  • This Morning we have customer from Mexico come to with our Factory.


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  • This modern plastic booth has the advantage of not being conductive, so no powder is attracted to it and therefor more powder goes onto the product being sprayed. Colour changes are also speeded up because the booth can be cleaned down much faster and there is no ducting between the booth and cyclone for powder to get trapped in. We are already seeing powder savings because we can reclaim more powder.


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  • Cyclone separation recovery equipment consists of a cyclone separator, a blower, and a vibrating screen. cyclone, it is made using the principle of a tornado. When the high-speed air stream passes through the upper cylindrical portion of the reverse-tapered separator, the air stream rotates at a hig


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