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How the powder coating booth cyclone recovery system work

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   Cyclone separation recovery equipment consists of a cyclone separator, a blower, and a vibrating screen. cyclone, it is made using the principle of a tornado. 

   When the high-speed air stream passes through the upper cylindrical portion of the reverse-tapered separator, the air stream rotates at a high speed inside the cylinder while centrifugal force is generated inside the inverted cone, and this centrifugal force separates the heavy powder coating. 

The heavy powder coating is deposited on the bottom of the cone and recovered. The small powder is carried away with the air flow. 

This device achieves a recovery of up to 95% for powder coatings size over 15um. 

The advantage of cyclone is high powder recovery efficiency. 

The disadvantage is that part of the small powder coating is released into the atmosphere.

powder coating booth cyclone recovery system


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