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How to automatically powder coat propane tanks?

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As we know, powder coatings help propane tanks perform reliable over the long term by protecting tanks from the potentially damaging effects of exposure to moisture, bacteria. Propane tank fabricator often requires an automatic powder spraying line to increase efficiency. But how to perfectly powder coat cylinder shape workparts? 

COLO designed a special propane tank powder coating booth and conveyor system based on 10+ years practice for world customers.  The automatic coating system combines reciprocating powder guns spraying the body of propane tank, and fixed powder guns spraying the top and bottom of propane tanks. 

LPG powder coating booth

The automatic powder coating booth has one manual powder coating station and an automatic reciprocator operating station.  allow 4-6pcs spray gun moving up and down by a set of reciprocator, and 2pcs on the bottom to spraying the bottom of the propane tank, and another 2pcs fixed on the top to powder coating the top of the propane tank. For saving powder, It is configured with a filter group stage for efficient powder recovery.

propane tank powder coating  propane tank powder booth

Rotating hanger conveyor system


The conveying system allows the propane tank automatically passing through the booth opening. Importantly it is designed with rotating hangers allows the tank rotating while transporting, ensure the entire surface of propane tank covered with powder coating.


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