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70lbs Powder Coating Fluidizing Hopper

Size: Dia36 * Height62 cm
Powder capabitity: 70 lbs
Goods in stock, ship within 3 days.
  • COLO-62

70lbs Powder Coating Fluidizing Hopper 

  • 70lbs Bucket hopper for big or nomal scale powder coating production,  

  • Fully assembled with fluidizing bed and powder suction tube. 

  • The whole hopper can be detaches into pieces for easily thorough cleaning

  • Our powder container are made from stainless steel, or powder-coated steel, durable, anti-rust and long lasting.

powder hopperpowder coating hopper

The benefits of Fluidizing Powder Hopper

  • First, it allows powders easily to be conveyed from the hopper to the gun with a high degree of uniformity and consistency. 

  • Second, fluidization serves to pretreat the powder, breaking up accumulation, removing absorbed moisture, and improving the powder output cloud and the finish results

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