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Box Feed Powder Coating System COLO-800D-V

Easy and quick operation for multi colors, increase efficiency and reduce down time. The COLO-800D series powder coating system with proved performance specially balanced for the maximum spray capability with the smoothest finish possible

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COLO-800D-V Box Feed Powder Coating System 

COLO-800D-V Box Feed Powder Coating System is an excellent model for users who has multi colors that requires to be changed frequently in powder coating process. It is designed to place original powder carton on the inclined vibration table, allowing complete emptying of the powder box by fluidized suction tube. 

colo 800d powder coating system

COLO-800D Powder Coating System Controller

1. 0-100kv Voltage adjustable, precise values can be set and read by digital, powerful enough to handle any shape of parts.

2. For beginners we offer one-touch intelligent operation buttons - Three pre-sets application programs:

Flat coating: ideal for flat shape workpieces.

Corner coating: ideal for complex shape parts with deep corners.

Recoating: ideal for repairing coating.

box feed powder coating

COLO-800D-V Powder Coating System Components

1. COLO-800D Digital Intelligent Controller

2. COLO-08 Light weight manual powder gun with 5m cable

3. 100kv cascade for long lasting work with high transfer efficiency

4. Nozzle assortment, including fan spray nozzles, and round nozzles with deflectors

5. COLO self-designed powder injectors for smooth and uniform output

6. Flexible trolley with wheels, allows to move everywhere

7. Suction tube with fluidizing section

8. Vibration Motor

9. Oil-water separating filter 

10. Other connection tubes and installation kits.

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