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COLO-08 Manual Powder Gun

COLO-08 is the latest spray gun for all series COLO powder coating machines.
This manual powder gun is designed by COLO teams built with lastest advanced technology to improve the application performance and optimize its using sense.
  • COLO-08

COLO-08 Manual Powder Spray Gun

  • Built-in 100kv negative cascade maximizes powder charging capacity, and maintain high transfer efficiency even after long time use.

  • Quick release coupling for easy and efficient cleaning during color change.

  • Lightweight and ergonomical design enables operators to accomplish jobs at ease.

  • Robust structure and high-quality materials provides this spray gun a longer lifespan. 


COLO-08 Manual Powder Gun Romote Control

  • Back cover designed with romote control to conveniently adjust powder flow and application programs. (only for model COLO-191S, KF-X1, KF-K2).

powder output

COLO-08 Manual Powder Gun Nozzle Assembly

  • Supplied with full array of nozzle assortments, prepare for spraying various work parts.

  • Nozzles are made of non-stick material, minimizes powder accumulation as well as enhances penetration ability. 

  • Round and flat nozzles are suitable for most common work parts, nozzles with an extension is more easy to penetration corners, and for inside  coating of narrow areas.


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