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COLO-08 Powder Coating Pump

New developed powder pump is uniquely designed by COLO team, who has 10 years experience in supplying powder coating equipment and parts.
The COLO-08 pump can be matched with all our powder coating machines, and meet all your demands, such as spraying big powder flow, or delivering softer patterns.

COLO-08 Powder Coating Pump

Powder coating pump utilizes a venturi principle to conveyor powder from a hopper to spray guns. Developed and designed by COLO team, COLO-08 powder pump features great performance to optimum application quality, powder usage, and running efficiency of powder coating equipment.

COLO-08 Powder Pump

COL0-08 Powder Pump Features 

  • Applying more powder to the part with using less compressed air, realizing powder savings.

  • Allows to spray big volume of powders to meet special demands and achieve higher first-pass transfer efficiency

  • Delivers more consistent powder output, whose solfter spray patterns results in uniform coverage

  • A plug-in powder injector that can be detached withoutany tools, allows fast cleaning and inspection.

  • Made of specially engineered materials with fewer wearing parts to reduce operation cost.

How to disassemble the COLO-08 powder pump?

colo-08 powder injector

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