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Grounded Anti-static Powder Coating Hose

This anti-static powder coating hose provides a consistent and fluidizing flow for your powder coating application, made with electrically conductive carbon strip that avoids powder accumulation. 3 diameters for choice: 10*15mm, 11*16mm, 12*18mm

Grounded Powder Coating Hose, Anti-static Powder Hose

COLO gounded powder hose provides smooth and uniform powder flow. It is embedded with carbon strip that features anti-static and avoids powder block, especially easy to clean when color change is required. Using anti-static powder coating hose matching with an advanced powder coating gun gets a high-quality powder coating effect. 


Specifications of Powder Coating Hose

Diameter (interior x exterior) 10*15mm, 11*16mm, 12*18mm 
Material PVC
Resistance to Pressure

max.4bar (58 psi)

Bend Radius Allowed min.150mm
Temperature Range 0 - 50℃

Maintenance Care

blow powder out

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