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Big Batch Powder Coating Equipment Package

Including professional powder coating machine, pass thru powder coating booth, batch powder curing oven, a good option for perfectly coating aluminum profiles, window frames, doors, fence, cyclinders in manual operation.
  • COLO-191S, COLO-3212, COLO-5219

  • COLO


Big Batch Powder Coating Equipment Package

Parts can be sprayed by double sides thanks to the dual station booth, they enters to the booth and exit under the track system, then a batch of coated parts are put on the frame sent to the powder oven for curing.

This manual equipment package helps new comers easily and quickly start powder coating businesses, creates a successful and profitable powder coating venture, 

COLO-191S Powder Coating Machine

Digital valve controlled COLO-191S system allows precise regulation of powder output which is a great benefit to achieves repeatable performance, improve the film thickness consistency and saving powders.

powder coating machine

Configurations and Features

1. Flexibly, precisely control all the electrostatic and pneumatic parameters to optimize processing.

2. Create excellent uniform finish even with challenging powders and complex workparts.

3. Three pre-set application programs are designed for beginners, application for flat parts, profiles and re-coating.

4. Allows advanced users customize 20 programs optimized for their parts and powder, and easily recall them for use the next time.

5. 100kv manual spray guns delivers long-lasting high transfer efficiency

6. 60lbs fluidizing powder hopper is welled sealed to avoids damp and contaminated.

COLO-3212 Pass Thru Powder Spray Booth 

This tunnel powder coating booth requires a top track that loads workparts entering the booth from one side and exiting from the other. There are two manual opening station allows parts recieving manual coating from both sides. Our spray booth is designed to increase efficiency and ensure application quality.

pass thru powder coating booth  manual powder spray booth


Model COLO-S-3212
Operating Dimensions Width620 * Depth2920 * Heght1500mm
Overall dimensions Width1200 * Depth3000 * Heght2033mm  
Power Supply Electric
Power Supply
220V/380V, 3Phase, 50-60HZ
Fan Power
Filter Qty
6 pcs, Quick-release Type
Filter Size D320 x H900 mm
Filter Material
Filter Cleaning

COLO-5219 Big Batch Powder Coating Oven

Our powder coating gas oven are fitted with the most efficient burners, get your oven to required temperature faster with less use of fuels. A circulation fan cycles hot air uniformly and keeps even temperature in the chamber. Gas powder coating ovens feature environmental friendly, reduce operating cost and cure more parts everyday.

batch powder coating ovenbig powder coating oven


Worksize Dimensions
Width1800 * Height1800 * Depth5000 mm
Overall Dimensions
Width2100 * Height2200 * Depth5200 mm
Power Supply
LPG / Gas / Diesel
Voltage/Frequency 380V/220V (50-60Hz)
Warm-up Time 15-30 min. (180° C)
Temperature Stability < ± 3.0-6°C
Temperature Max. 250° C
Transport System
Two trolleys
Burner Italy Riello, 10,0000kcal
Circulation/ Air flow Vertical ,Variable through holes on the walls
Ventilation Performance 8288-16576m3/h
Motor Power 7.5kW
Warranty 12 months

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