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Electrostatic Liquid Paint Spray Gun

Electrostatic paint spray equipment perfectly serve light or heavy commercial use, such as in machinery surface finishing,automotive industry parts, furniture, electrical appliance, etc
  • COLO-3009

  • COLO


Electrostatic Liquid Paint Spray Gun

Electrostatic paint gun works by electronically charging atomised particles as they exit the device. They are then attracted to the ground-connected objects intended to be painted. This results in complete coating coverage that never leaves any hard-to-reaches areas.

COLO Electrostatic painting equipment combines high-end electrostatic technology and pneumatic feeding system, featuring space-saving, reliable-working and superior effeciency.  Our electrostatic significantly reduces painting material at the same time satisfies high quality finish.

electrostatic paint spray gun

Electrostatic Spray Gun Features

spray gun

1. Paint particles are fully charged with superior atomization thanks to the powerful spray gun

2. Gun parts are extremely durable, giving a long service life and simple daily maintenance

3. Full parameters can be adjusted on the gun, such as static, atomized air, spraying width and paint output, easy to operate.

4. Spray gun body material is resistant to high voltage electrostatics whose handle is made of low impedance composite material, safe and durable enough for long time work.

QQ截图20190821212727Electrostatic Controller Features

1.The intelligent controllor offers great flexbility and convenient to set required voltage when coating different parts, 

2.precise value will digitaly shows on the screen. It is easy-operating for everyone.

3. Safety circuit design. If any operation error, abnormal voltage and current, the circuit protection system will power off automatically and gives buzzer alarm to guarantee safety.

COLO-3009 Electrostatic Paint Spray Gun
Temperature:0 – 40 °C
Machine Weight:22kg
Spray Gun
Gun Weight:396g
Output Voltage:0KV—80KV
Max. Current:60UA

Paint Output Volume:

Optimal Paint Distance:200-350mm
Spray Gun Length:
Spray Gun Cable Length:
Paint Hose Length:
Air Hose Length:5m
Pneumatic Data

Air Pressure:

Air Consumption:75-230L/min

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