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Water Curtain Paint Spray Booth

COLO water curtain spray booth is the preferred solution in the liquid painting process which requires separation and filtration, keeping your staff and the environment safe.
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Water Curtain Paint Spray Booth, Water Wash Spray Booth for Wet Painting

Water wash filtration systems is ideal for high paint volumes application as they can capture more overspray waste paint compared to dry filter booths. Water curtain paint booth is configured with exhaust device, water feeding device, paint arresting device, spraying device, air-water separating device, air tube, etc, which is manufactured and integrated under stringent quality standards.


Water Curtain Paint Spray Booth Features

1. Full width stainless steel water curtain panel, ensures rust resistence and long userful life.

2. Built with centrifugal axial flow fan with low noise, provides sufficient and uniform airflow.

3. Energy-saving anti-explosion light at both canopy roof for clear painting jobs.

4. It can be operated manually or combined with conveyor to form an automatic production line.

5. The water applied to the paint spray booth can be reused again and again to reduce cost.

6. Can be customed with turntable bentch and hanger to hold the workparts, making operation easier.

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How Water Curtain Spray Booth Works?

During painting process, oversprayed paint mist is arrested by moving water(watercurtain) or collected at scrubbing area of the booth. This interaction is critical to properly remove the paint overspray from the air and put it into the water. The waste paint is then dropped down into a tank. The collection tank finally becomes flled with paint sludge that needs to be cleaned.

COLO Water Curtain Spray Booth Models & Specifications

Water Curtain Panel Width (mm)
800 1000 1200 1500
Fan Air Flow m2/h 4000 7500 7500*1 8000*1
Motor Power( kw) 0.37*1 0.75*1 0.75*1 0.75*1
Water Pump (kw) 0.37*1 0.55*1 0.55*1 0.55*1
Packing Size (L*W*H) 1.0*1.2*2.1 M 1.2*1.8*2.3 M 1.4*1.8*2.3 M 1.7*1.8*2.3 M
Weight (kg) 300 350 450 500
Water Curtain Panel Width (mm)
2000 3000
3500 4000
Fan Air Flow m2/h 22000 18000*2 18000*2 18000*2
Motor Power( kw) 1.5*1 1.5*2 1.5*2 2.2*2
Water Pump (kw) 0.55*1 0.75*1 0.75*1 1.5*1
Packing Size (L*W*H) 2.2*1.8*2.3 M 3.2*1.8*2.3 M 3.7*1.8*2.5 M 4.3*1.8*2.5 M
Weight (kg) 580 670 990 1050
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