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Powder Booth Collection Module, Filter Cartridge Collector Module

It combines proven performance in professional design, making it ideal for job shops, start-up operations and economically expanding existing production. This ideal powder recovery system suits for wide range of part sizes, and both conveyorized and non-conveyored operations.
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Powder Booth Collection Module, Filter Cartridge Collector Module

Filter cartridge collector module helps to recover the overspray powder and reuse it. Shop air is drawn into the spray booth by a extract fan, and then passes through the booth's workspace into the filter wall.  Powder particles are separated from the air and stick on the filters, only clean airflow vented back to the shop. A timer activates a system of pulse soleniod valves that clear the cartridge filters of the accumulated powder to extend filter life.

powder booth collector module

Features of Cartridge Filter Collector Module 

1. High-precision filters for superior filtration performance, capture even 0.1 micro particulates. 

2. Pulse-jet solenoid valve intervally cleans filters automatically, thus filter life can be maximized. .

3. The fan provides high suction performance and maintain uniform constant airflow in the booth.

4. An individual electric control box is convenient to control fan working, reverse-pulsing and other settings. 

5. We can custom designs and specifications of powder booth collector module as your precise requirments

Powder Booth Collector Module Specifications

Power Supply Electric
Fan Power 11 kw
Airflow 14000 m3/h
Voltage 380V/220V
Frequency 50-60Hz
Filters Material Polyester
Filters count 12pcs, 325*600
Filters hang type easy for change
Filter cleaning system Pneumatic

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