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Professional Powder Coating Equipment KF-X1

KF-X1 applies advanced "digital valve controlled" technology that is designed for easy operation and effective coating, which supports most complicated workparts. KF-X1 comes to be one of our best selling model in year 2020

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  • KF-X1

Fast Color Change Powder Coating System KF-X1

Professional powder coating equipment gives you the ability and flexibility to control both voltage and current, which are the vital parameters in the electrostatic powder coating process. Combined the 100KV spray gun technology, our system offers optimal method to achieve high transfer efficiency even for complex shapes. 

As this system has perfect performance on penetrating corners and recesses, it is ideal for painting profiles, heat sinks, wheels, furnitures, cabinet, shelves, etc, ideally overcome the Faraday Cage Effect. 

X1 powder coating machines

Box feed type designed for quick color change, allows the original powder carton placed on the inclined vibration cart for fluidizing. and fully emptying, powders are conveyed directly from the carton to the gun for spraying.

Excellent Features of KF-X1 Powder Coating Equipment

X1 Control Unit

Voltage and current can be adjusted precisely. Touch keys for high-grade spraying operations. Use the touch keys to select any of the electrostatic coating processes "Flat-parts coating," "Complicated parts coating," or "Re-coating Workpiece."

Allows experienced users to create and store their own application programs, optimized for your parts and powder. Each part can be coated always with its individual settings.

Comparing with existing mechanical valve controlled models, this system is improved to the digital valve technology, which offers precise regulate of powder output, generates smooth flow and uniform coating thickness.

Components of KF-X1 Powder Coating Equipment

1. Digital Intelligent Controller

2. COLO-08 100kv manual spray gun with 5m cable

3. Nozzle assortment, including round and fan spray nozzles, extension nozzles

4. Vibration motor for powder fluidizing.

5. COLO-08 powder injectors for smooth and uniform output.

6. Flexible trolley with inclined base.

7. Grounded powder hose 5 meters, anti-static material.

8. Oil-water separating filter 

9. Installation kit with all connections.

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