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Double System Powder Coating Spray Gun Box Feed Unit

Powder coating system combines double guns and controllers increase efficiency when coating large workpieces or requires higher production.
  • COLO-191S-2-V



Double System Powder Coating Spray Gun Box Feed Unit

This double system powder coating unit allows two operators to powder coat simultaneously, specially designed to increase efficiency when coating large workpieces or achieving higher production. 

Box feed powder coating unit works by conveying powders from original powder carton, changing color only changing powder carton, which is quick and easy for frequent color change.

COLO-191S series powder coating machine applies the world's advanced DVC technology that delivers more gentle, smooth and constant powder cloud, which satisfies our customers with excellent uniform finish and great powder savings.


COLO-191S-2-B Powder Coating System Excellent Features

  • There are 3 pre-set standard application programs which is for flat parts, profiles and recoating, giving easy access to powder coating beginners.

  • Allows experienced users create and store 20 kinds of personalized programs which are optimized for their parts and powders. 

  • Crucial paramters kv, amperage, powder output, atomizing, all can be adjusted precisely and flexbly, which allows repeatable performance, and each part will obtain optimal processing.

  • Easy peneration for corners, an ideal model for coating complex parts, such as profiles, wheels, furnitures, cabinet, shelves, etc.


COLO-191S-2 Elctrostatic Powder Coating Machine Components

1. COLO-191S Digital Intelligent Controller, 2 sets

2. COLO-08 Manual powder gun with 100kv cascade, 2pcs

3. Nozzle assortment, including fan spray nozzles, round nozzles, extension nozzles

4. Vibration motor, vibration tube

5. High quality powder injectors for smooth and uniform output.

6. Flexible trolley and stable base with wheels, movable everywhere.

7. Grounded powder hose, anti-static material.

8. Moisture filter 

9. Installation tools and connections.

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