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Semi-automatic Powder Coating Line for Aluminum Profiles

Space-saving, Cost-saving, Labor-saving semi-automatic powder coating line is your initial choice for aluminum prodile production. COLO will customize the most suitable solution for you!
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Semi Powder Coating Conveyor Line

The semi-automatic powder coating line is specially designed for small space factory that requires high volume production of long length workparts, while minimize budget and labor efforts. It is ideal for powder coating aluminum profiles, metal frames, furniture, etc.

Main Features of Semi-automatic Powder Coating line

1) Manually pull the track system to the powder booth

2) Workparts is automatic transported when enters to booth conveyor system

3) Powder coating by automatic spray guns and reciprocators

4) Manually move the coated workparts to the track powder coating oven

Semi-automatic Powder Coating line Configurations

automatic powder coating system

COLO-800D Automatic Powder Coating System

1. It is the ideal entry into automatic series production offering quality finishes and great powder savings.

2. Multi controllers of automatic powder coating gun installed on a central cabinet, with compact design and simple operation.

3. The cabinet can be tailored to customer's demands, allows to install Max. 24 control units.

4. COLO-800D automatic powder coating machine is one of the most suitable solution for coating line, effective, relible, cost-saving.

5. The reciprocator driven by frequency motor, speed and stroke adjustable. The sturdy construction could adapt to continual load everyday.

powder coating booth

COLO-0825 Automatic Powder Spray Booth  

1.This tunnel powder coating booth has 2 working station allows parts recieving coating from both side, parts enter the booth from one entrance and exit from the other through conveyors, 

2. Powder reclaim is achieved by a recovery stage, which is combined with several pieces of high precision filters, reach 98% powder recycling rate.

3. Filter cleaning is automatically done through pulse solenoid valves, thus filter life is extended.

4. PLC provides all the functions you need, control the fan working, set interval and time of pulse jet for filter cleaning.

powder coating oven

COLO Track Powder Coating Oven

1. The powder coating oven can be heated by gas, diesel, or electric heating as actual requirements.

2. High efficiency heating element enables rapidly raise to the required temperature, save your time every day.

3. A powerful circulation fan makes uniform hot airflow in inner chamber ensure high quality curing results.

4. Construced with 100mm thickness rock wool board, ensures minium temperature dropping.

5. PLC control system provides an easy and accurate heating process, digitally setting the heating time and temperature.

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