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Fast Color Change Automatic Powder Coating Booth System

Including Automatic Powder Coating Cyclone Booth, Automatic Powder Coating Reciproator, Automatic Powder Spray Guns & Controller Cabinet, Powder Supply & Management Center
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Fast Color Change Automatic Powder Coating Booth System

Multi-color application powder booth system designed with cyclone recovery tends to maximize cleaning efficiency during color change, reduce downtime while increase powder recovery.  

automatic powder coating booth system

Cyclone Type Automatic Powder Booth Features

automatic powder coating booth

1. Mono cyclone achieves recycling efficiency up to 98%, a great saving of powders. a quick cleaning takes around 15 minutes.

2. The secondary recovey stage is combined with a group of high precision filters effectively capture ultra fine powders, thus only particle-free air discharged outside.

3. There's air clean system continuously transports over sprayed powder from the booth floor, quickly recycling it back to the powder feed container.

4. Booth material can be made anti-static engineering plastic, which reduces powder waste.


Automatic Powder Coating Gun System

automatic powder coating system

1. A central control cabinet combines all gun controller for integrated operation, enbales to set parameters only at one host unit to control whole system.

2. COLO-191S powder coating unit applies latest DVC technology allows a flexible and accurate setting of all parameters, giving perfect finish with consistent quality.

3. The 100kv spray gun powerfully charge powders delivers high transfer efficiency, increase powder utilization

4. Tested reliable system Based on COLO 15 years technology.

Powder Coating Reicprocator

powder coating reciprocator

1. Linear rail guide mechanism, travel through a belt, a frequency adjustable motor controlled by PLC, giving more smooth, stable and precise motion

2. Heavy-loaded reciprocator with reliability to carry up to 24 pcs powder spray guns

3. Moving speed and stroke can be easily set at the touching screen with 20 storable programs.

4. The slim column design allows for space-saving arrangement of the guns

5. The COLO advanced reciprocator Increases uniformity and quality consistency, reduces powder consumption.

Powder Management Center

powder feed center

1. Allows directly placing the powder box on a funnel, flexible for color change.

2. Automatic cleaning of spray guns, powder hoses, injectors during color change, reduce manpower and increase efficiency.

3. Ultrasonic sieving of fresh powders and recovery powders, dissolving and loosening of powder accumulations for even powder flow.

4. A closed powder hopper with a sener will detect the powder position and alarm a signal when a lack of powder.

5. A user-friendly PLC touching screen panel makes it easy to handle the process.

Fast Color Change Automatic Powder Coating Booth System Application

Fast color change automatic powder booth system is widely used for metal furniture industry, such as powder coating storage racks, chairs, beds, cabinets, etc. The system achieves multi color application while ensures efficiency and quality.

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