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Electric Powder Coating Paint Oven COLO-1732

The 3 meter length powder coating oven is a hot selling model, suitable for most workparts finishing in batches. Electric heating style reduces the task of operation and maintenance as well as creates a more clean environment.
  • COLO-1732

  • COLO

  • Width1650 * Height1700 * Depth3200 mm


Electric Powder Coating Paint Oven COLO-1732

The 3 meter length curing oven is designed for powder coating paint bigger bulky parts or a batch production of small-sized parts. Electric heating style reduces the task of operation and maintenance as well as creates a more clean environment. It also can be designed for gas or diesel heating.

powder coating baking oven

Powder Coating Oven Trolley Systemspowder coating batch oven

Our powder coating ovens are standard equipped with two trolleys, including an upper loading frame and a lower carriage. 

Internal cart supplied in the form of a frame to loading workparts participating in curing process inside the oven. External cart is used to carry the internal cart for outside operation and transportation.

By using two trolleys, trolley moving across the hall does not contaminate the inside of the oven, which provides high purity painted elements.

This is an inexpensive manual transporting system which allows carrying heavy elements using a small amount of force, and optimize the use of the entire surface with high temperature bearings 

Electric Powder Coating Oven Features:

COLO professional powder coating ovens are built to create optimal airflow throughout the powder coating oven enclosure, creating an even, constant cure for your parts. 

powder coating oven fan

Circulation fan

Powerful fan speeds up the flow of hot air leading to quality cured finishes and optimum cure cycles.The control system adjust the temperature uniform inside the oven by fine-tuning the performance of the exhaust fan.

The circulation fan for small sized powder coating oven is installed on the roof to save space. Power: 0.75kw.

powder coating oven PLC ControllerPLC Control

All parameters and functions are set on PLC panel, provides a high precision heating process, such as setting desired temperature & heating time, control the circulation fan. 

The controller also equipped with audible and visual alarms keys ensures safety operating environment.

powder coating oven rockwool wall100mm Thick Rockwool Wall

COLO powder coating oven utilizes a sandwich panel design. The durable materials maximize the its lifespan. 

Applies the 100mm thick rockwool board, density 120kgs/cbm insulation material as the interlayer, which inserted between galvanized inner wall and color-steel external skins, effectively minimums temperature dropping. 

powder coating oven cartCart System

A pair of outer & inner trolley makes easy transporting of workparts. Use the trolley system brings parts from the floor to the chamber of the furnace with minimum efforts, even carrying heavy elements. 

Each trolley can also be pushed and pulled flexibly and the design can be customized according to customers' needs to maximize the utilization of oven space.

COLO-1732 Electric Powder Coating Oven Specifications

Worksize dimensions Width1650 x Height1700 x Depth3200 mm
Overall dimensions Width1950 x Height2100 x Depth3600 mm
Power supply Electric 30kw
Voltage 380V/220v
Frequency  50-60hz
Warm-up time  15-30 min. (180° C)
Temperature stability  < ± 3-5°C
Temperature max 250° C
Ventilation performance  1131-2565m3/h
Motor power  1.5kw
Circulation/ Air flow Vertical  Variable through holes on the walls
Warranty  12 months

COLO-1732 Electric Powder Coating Oven Applications

COLO-1732 Electric powder coating oven is ideal for loading batch of metal parts. Applies electricity to create energy, the batch curing oven provides uniform heat distribution resulting in quality cured finishes and optimum cure cycles which reduces rework, saving you time.

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