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Automatic Tumbler Sandblaster

COLO Enclosed tumble blaster iwith automatic blast guns aimed into a rotating basket, the tumbling action of basket ensures that all parts are processed with uniformity and consistency.
  • KF-1080ZL

  • Kafan


Automatic Tumbler Sandblaster

This automatic blaster is built with a tumble basket which holds a certain quantitie of small parts, those parts will be cleaned or finished through automatic blast guns, while random tumbling action of the basket insures that all parts are completely and evenly processed when the cycle is finished.


Tumble blaster replaces manual operation to achieve high output and efficiency, as well as handle the batches of products with great consistency. It is quite ideal for zipper head, screws, small hardwares, gears, saw blades and circular shafts, etc. 

Automatic Tumbler Sandblaster Features

1.  Blasting guns can be set automatic or manual working for multi purposes.

2. The size of the rotary basket, the quantity of blasting guns can be customized.

3. Each blast gun is individually controlled thus to select single gun or multi-gun working for different needs.

4. The rotation of tumble basket variable frequency controlled.

5. Equips with an discharge chute making it simple to empty the basket

6. A filter cartridge dust collector ensure pure abrasive recyled, and only clean air vented.


Automatic Tumbler Blaster Specifications

Model KF-1080ZL
Overall Dimension 1200 * 1250 *1800 mm
Working Chamber Size 1000 * 800 * 800 mm
Tumbling Basket Size 450 * 300mm
Loading Capacity of Basket 20kgs
Power Supply 380V/220V(customized) 50Hz
Dust Collector Motor 1100w
Basket Motor 375w
Blaset Rotation Speed 8r/min
Compressed Air  5-7 bar

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