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Powder Coating Ovens for Sale

COLO has 15 years experience in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and ongoing support of the powder coating ovens for industrial use. Our curing ovens range can be supplied from existing standard sizes or produced as your precise requirements. Selection from our batch or conveyorised ovens, you will get excellent experience from the efficiency, performance and reliablity.

Electric Powder Coating Ovens

Gas/Diesel Curing Ovens

Powder Coating Ovens Working Principle

Powder coating ovens are used to cure powder previously applied to a substrate, usually metal parts. After applying powder particulates onto the substrate surfce by spraying gun, it should be put into a curing oven for heating. The heat required to transform the powder material from its powder form to a solid thermosetting finish comes from an oven.
When powder particles are heated, they melt and flow together. This creates a uniform, bonded finish once it has cooled. All ovens used for powder coating operate at elevated temperatures and rely on some type of heating system, . Regardless of the technology used, powder curing ovens heat the surface of the parts being coated, usually to about 180°C ~250°C, and lasts 15-30 minutes, which depends on the powder material characters.
 There are several types of ovens to choose from. electric powder coating oven,  gas/diesel/LPG powder coating oven,  infrared powder coating oven,  electric heat and gas powered are the most popular.

COLO Powder Coating Ovens Configurations

Materials & Structure: utilizes a sandwich panel design. Rockwool insulation of at least 100mm is inserted between galvanized inner wall and color-steel external skins, effectively minimums temperature dropping. 
PLC Control: offers user-friendly interface for users to set the required temperature and heating time accurately, also includes fan starting, alarm lights and emergency stop buttons. 
Circulation fan: circles the hot air to warm the powder coating oven interior, minimize temperature difference and guarantee uniform-heated chamber, ensures powder curing effect. 
Heating System: electric oven applies high quality electric tubes with easy maintenance. Gas or diesel oven applies a RIELLO burner system, which takes full utilization of fuels, less time is needed to get the curing temperature.
Transport system: for batch ovens, COLO standardly equips 2 sets for transport trolley, external one and internal one, which minimize your efforts to load and unload objects and takes full utiliza of oven space.

How to Choose An Appropriate Powder Coating Oven

Powder Coating Oven Initial Cost
For the investment of equipment itself, when requires small dimension oven, electric powder coating oven is more cost-saving since it has easier structure and configurations while gas/diesel ovens combine a heating room, stainless steel heat exchanger, a high performance burner, etc.
For large dimension, such as oven length 5 meter, 6 meter or more, especially curing tunnel, electric curing oven will not be cheaper than gas/diesel oven as it requries to install a big quantities of electric tube to warm the large space. Moreover, gas/diesel ovens enjoys longer life and higher heating efficiency.
Powder Coating Oven Potential Cost
As these ovens are powerd by energy, we must take energy expense into the production cost. for the small ovens, many people tend to use electric powder coating ovens because of the ease in getting electricity in their small workshop, which is most commonly to be founded, and it is easy for operation and maintenance.
For big size ovens, gas/diesel powder coat ovens generate much lower cost. Building gas station is not a small project, but it takes large amounts of wattage to heat air in the larger electric ovens, the cost will be unbelievable especially in countries where the electric is expensive. For diesel heating oven, it seems cost is less than LPG or natural gas, but it may create pollution to environment, thus gas powder coating oves are more recommended.

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